The Top Ten: Great unremarked changes of our lifetime


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This list was suggested by Andrew Denny, who was responsible for the first item. Sorry if it is basically a lot of old people saying, "You don't know how lucky you are."

1. Duvets replaced sheets and blankets In the 1970s.

2. Nobody calls mum and dad with three rings any more Suggested by Karl Turner.

3. Street design Getting rid of pedestrian railings, principally, I find. My contribution.

4. Owners clean up after their dogs. Mostly. Observed by Man Without Beard.

5. Wine and coffee One was only occasional, sweet and in tiny glasses, the other instant and horrible. Proposed by Andrew Cooper.

6. The end of lunchtime drinking Mourned by Fat Tom.

7. The Flynn Effect: IQ scores have been rising for 80 years Calculated by Dan Fox.

8. Road deaths Annual number in the UK are down by two-thirds in 30 years. Suggested by Mark Bassett.

9. Bottled water From Jan Huntingdon (who also mentioned postmen in shorts).

10. Rolling luggage Wheeled in by Rob Marchant.

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