They do it for love... crowds camp out to get the best view of royal wedding

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"This is much more important than maths," claimed Barbara Murray, 47, who has taken her five children out of school to camp opposite Westminster Abbey and bag the best view of the nuptials.

The Murray family has travelled from Norfolk and is as dedicated as they come. "We've camped out for all of them. Even Charles and Camilla's," says Barbara's daughter Darcy, 15. "Our school friends think we're crazy but we love the royals more than anything, especially Harry."

The Murray camp is one of a growing number opposite the Abbey, perched by a wall of temporary television studios. Further along yesterday sat Anne Daley, a property developer from Cardiff, in a pink sleeping bag, and her King Charles Spaniel, Camilla, for company. "I got here a day early," said Ms Daley. "I thought the wedding was on Thursday. It's confusing with all these bank holidays."

Why does anyone want to camp out to watch the wedding of two people they have never met? "Well for the same reason everyone else does," says Ms Daley. "I want to see the dress, the razzmatazz."

John Loughrey, 56, a "Diana Superfan", was the first person to arrive, on Monday afternoon. As well as head-to-toe Union Jacks, he is now proudly clutching a Prince William army uniform teddy bear and giant replica engagement ring. He is most excited about seeing Kate.

"I'm imagining it now. I'm dreaming about it now," he says, his eyes fixed on a distant point. "It'll be a slimline dress, cream coloured, lovely flowers on the veil. Diana will be with them on the balcony. She will be with them for that kiss."

These temporary campers will join those who have been stationed down the road at Parliament Square since 2001. "It's a wedding like any other. I don't care," said a man from the Brian Haw Peace Campaign, who would not give his name. "We hope they will see us. But there will be lots of people in the way."