Trending: Louise Mensch NYC or CRBY?


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Louise Mensch MP is leaving her Corby constituency for New York City. Here's concrete evidence that she's making the wrong move...

House prices: The average in Manhattan is around $1.4m (£900,000). In Corby it's £117,000. Cashback.

Transport: Corby has access to the M1, M6 and A1 motorways within 45 mins. It takes at least nine hours to get from New York to the M1, M6 and A1 motorways.

People: A 2011 study named Corby the "friendliest place in the world". In January 2011, "Travel + Leisure" magazine named New York "America's rudest city".

Attractions: Corby Borough Council's website lists three attractions: Rockingham Castle ("the only inhabited castle in the county"), the wonderful Elizabethan Kirby Hall and Adrenaline Alley ("one of the safest, biggest and most extensive centres for urban sports"). New York City has none of these three places.