UK builder banks £40m EuroMillions cash


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A self-employed builder and his wife who won a Lottery jackpot of nearly £41 million plan to splash out on an executive box at Manchester United - and a new carpet.

Gareth and Catherine Bull banked £40,627,241 after matching the numbers from a Lucky Dip ticket on the EuroMillions draw on January 20.

Mr Bull, 40, bought the ticket on a whim after he was unable to start work one day because it was raining.

The couple, from Mansfield in Nottinghamshire, have said they want to take their two sons to Disneyland, Florida, but the most pressing matter on 35-year-old Mrs Bull's mind is her landing carpet.

Explaining how she would spend the jackpot, she told a press conference at Nottingham's Eastwood Hall: "I did say a carpet for my landing because it's terrible, nobody's allowed upstairs.

"It bothers me. I get to the top of the stairs every day and I'm like 'I hate that carpet'."

Her husband was unable to believe he had won when he checked his ticket, even though he thought his ticket matched a few of the numbers. He had to fetch his wife who was not too pleased at being "teased" while she was straightening her hair and getting their sons ready for football.

When they did realise they were winners, they still could not work out how much they would get.

Mrs Bull said: "You're rubbing your eyes, you're looking at the numbers and you're trying to comprehend things. Thinking, 'it must be four million maybe' and they've got the dots and the dashes in the wrong places - there's got to be some pence somewhere."

They told their sons, aged nine and 10, to get ready for their football match so they could call Camelot, which confirmed the jackpot total.

But they put the win to the back of their minds because they had to take the children to the match, had a children's sleepover planned and had friends coming round in the evening.

It is only now they can really start celebrating as it starts to sink in, they said.

Mr Bull, who works with a team of only two or three other builders, said they do not plan to leave Mansfield or buy a glamorous mansion.

"All of this has happened at a crazy fast speed since Saturday and it is hard to keep up," he said.

"We have our dream home which we built from scratch and it is impossible to think about what we are going to do next yet.

"We have only told a few people so far so it will be exciting to sit down together as a family and work out plans for the future."

Other than the landing carpet, Mr Bull would like splash out on a box at Old Trafford to watch his beloved Manchester United, followed by a Range Rover Sport, a villa somewhere and a trip to Disney in Florida for the children.

Mrs Bull, who works in health insurance, said she may go back to work and cannot spend her days shopping - a pastime she detests so much she even has her groceries delivered.

She said: "Ideally I would look to go back.

"I'm 35, it's a long, long time so I've got to be realistic because I'll go out of my mind at home.

"I clearly don't like shopping so I'm not going to fill my days doing that. It might be just worth doing something."

The couple, who are now in seventh place on the Lottery rich list, said they have each told their parents but have not yet told their sons about the win, but would do so later after they finish school today.

They plan to give money to their "nearest and dearest" and support charities with their new-found millions, particularly breast cancer charities as Mr Bull's mother successfully battled the disease and a friend of Mrs Bull is suffering from it.

They said they hoped the win would not change them and they planned to be sensible with their money.

Mrs Bull added: "It's not just our money. I've got two boys, I want to be a grandma and I want to look after them, it's not all about today and tomorrow - it's years."

They could also find themselves coming into even more money in the near future if an unchecked scratchcard Mrs Bull has in her purse proves as lucrative as the Lucky Dip ticket.