Unwanted greyhounds put down at 'abattoir'

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The greyhound industry is facing two inquiries into welfare in dog racing after allegations that a builders' merchant has killed and buried 10,000 animals at his home.

The Government and an all-party committee of MPs promised to investigate reports that thousands of healthy greyhounds were being killed each year at secret dog abattoirs.

The concerns follow revelations that David Smith, of Seaham, Co Durham, was offering a service to kill healthy racing dogs which were no longer needed and dispose of them. The Sunday Times, which filmed two greyhounds before and after they were killed in return for a fee of £10 per dog, said it believed that at least 10,000 dogs had died at the property over 15 years.

Mr Smith confirmed that he does put down dogs using a bolt gun for "humane" reasons. His business is not illegal. Alistair McLean, chief executive of the National Greyhound Racing Club, said: "We categorically don't endorse this kind of thing."