'Vogue' hails 'chavvy chic'

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Time was when the acme of cool was to be seen sipping cocktails with an exclusive set draped in haute couture at a trendy wine bar.

But it appears the new fashion is better embodied by someone wearing jelly shoes and eating a kebab in Littlehampton, according toVogue magazine.

The magazine, which lists "who, what and where is cool in 2007" in its latest issue, has identified an "upmarket downmarket" trend which elevates the status of items of a once dubious calibre. Vogue goes so far as to identify "chavvy" as the new chic, including kebabs, diamanté, package holidays, fluffy slippers and burgers.

The elevation of downmarket items has been sparked by designers who are being inspired by all things tacky, including Louis Vuitton, who has created jelly shoes for £160 a pair as "the naff seaside staple hits new fashion heights". IPod cases, once a "naff teenage favourite", have been given designer treatment by the Italian fashion house Miu Miu. Package holidays are in after Club Med opened a luxurious resort in Thailand.

And the Sussex town of Littlehampton has usurped Brighton as the coolest resort. Its new status follows the building of the East Beach Café, which has been called "an architectural marvel", and will open next year.

The top 10

* Baseball caps

* Kebabs

* Loafers

* Rave

* Diamanté

* Fluffy slippers

* Jelly shoes

* Package holidays

* Barbie

* Wall stickers