'We were unlucky - but lucky'

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She was also uninjured. "There was a big white flash. You felt it was personal to you - it was in your head - as you didn't hear anything. It was just a flash and at one point I thought I was having a brain haemorrhage. It was probably all over in a matter of seconds, but it felt much longer. I just remember saying, 'Oh my God, don't let me die' - over and over again. It was like I was dreaming.... I thought something had hit the bus like a missile."


Doctors told him his hearing was saved by his iPod earphones. He was treated at the scene by a female doctor from the British Medical Association, whose headquarters were next to the bus blast. "I was bleeding heavily, so without her help it could have been very serious for me. Last night I went into theatre to have my wounds cleaned. There were bits of bus in me. It was a miracle I was not more badly injured considering how close I was to the explosion. The help I received from people was extraordinary."


He took the No 30 after his Tube was stopped at Edgware Road. Suffered perforated ear drums head wounds and bruised ribs. Was travelling with his girlfriend, Tania Callabrese.

"We were talking to the two girls in front of us. There were police cars and ambulances everywhere and police tape was going up. We thought maybe there was a fire ... the next thing I remember properly was waking up in the foyer of a building somewhere, Tania was left on the bus and I was blown away. I never saw the girls we were chatting to again.

"I remember thinking that I had to get up, and wondering what was wrong with me. I could hear someone calling to me to get up, but I couldn't. One minute I was on the bus and the next minute I was being dragged into a room. I don't know if I can catch a bus again. I couldn't stand the sight of a bus when we got a taxi back from the hospital. We were unlucky - but lucky."


Girlfriend of Tony Cancellera, she was uninjured and plans to return to work today.

"I remember grabbing on to the railing in front of me while the bus was shaking. It felt like a really bad car accident. I thought someone had hit us from behind... As soon as I felt the impact, in front of me.

"I could hear creaking metal and the floor around my seat started falling down ... I just held on to the chair in front of me. The floor started slowly twisting and I ended up not that high off the ground ...

"I just jumped off... There were people lying all over the floor. There were bits of bodies. There were people missing legs, body chunks with clothes on them, people hanging from the top of the bus with bits of clothes hanging off them. They were not alive ... I don't know how long it took to find Tony. It seemed forever but it might have been only two minutes. I was screaming and calling out his name."