WI fights back over 'fat ankle' jibe

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"Antiques Roadshow" does not usually generate protest. But that changed in September, when the BBC show's art critic, Rupert Maas, quipped that a lady in a portrait had a "Shropshire ankle". Now he is being forced to face the women whose lower legs he dismissed.

On Tuesday, he will appear before the Frankwell Little Boro Women's Institute, which contains some of Shropshire's most formidable women. He will be filmed defending his position for a BBC series looking back at the 30-year history of "Antiques Roadshow". The ladies of Frankwell Little Boro, Shrewsbury, are already preparing for the meeting.

"It's quite a coup for us," said Carol Pagett, chairwoman of the Frankwell branch. "I think there will be some pertinent questions. He will find that we have quite a few members – young and elderly – with perfectly trim ankles."

It is expected that all 44 members of the WI group will attend.