Zoo criticised for shooting dead 'dangerous' escaped chimpanzee

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A "dangerous" chimpanzee has been shot dead after it escaped from a family zoo.

An urgent warning was issued by police yesterday morning after an adult female chimp broke free from its compound at Flamingo Land adventure park in Malton, North Yorkshire.

The severe fog meant that zoo staff could not see which direction it ran off in.

Staff were scared that the chimp was "potentially dangerous" and should not be approached by members of the public.

But the frenzy was soon over after a zoo marksman shot it dead two hours later.

Animal rights campaigners criticised security at Flamingo Land Zoo following the chimp's ecsape.

The zoo was in the headlines this autumn when a council investigation into complaints concerning animal welfare resulted in the zoo banning three councillors from the premises.

The Captive Animals' Protection Society, an organisation campaigning to end the captivity of animals in zoos and circuses, said that an immediate inquiry must be launched into how the animal escaped and why she was shot dead.