Threat to sex exhibition

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A CONTROVERSIAL sado-masochistic exhibition of explicit sculptures and phallic photographs is heading for a real-life power struggle today, writes Marianne Macdonald.

Property developers will move in to evict the organisers of the show which opened at The Angle gallery, in the Arcadian Centre, Birmingham, on Saturday.

It includes exhibits such as a metal and rubber construction entitled A Whipping Stallion and an iron edifice with chains called Manacle Stool. The gallery claims the eviction is an act of repression. The developers, Avatar, claim it is nothing to do with the sado-masochistic content of the show, but follows an upsurge of lettings at the centre.

The 'Sex Crimes' exhibition has attracted vilification from local councillors and MPs as well as considerable public support. Eviction attempts today will be resisted by staff.