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THE Sunday Telegraph reports it has obtained documents, which are part of a United Nations dossier, implying that British companies were exporting arms to Iraq and supplying parts for its nuclear programme.

Despite the revelations, which were passed to the Government more than two years ago, Customs has not prosecuted any of the companies named. The newspaper says this is potentially the most embarrasssing aspect of Britain's 'arms to Iraq'.

A poll in the Observer says that 57 per cent of Britons are opposed to the use of eggs from aborted foetuses to help childless couples have babies. Some 54 per cent favour egg donation in the event of sudden death.

In another survey, the newspaper says that fear of crime is so great that only half the population will go out alone after dark. Up to a fifth of streetwise youngsters are fightened.

The People exposes a scandal in which rabbits are fed to greyhounds to 'blood' them for big races. The terrified animals are sacrified in a savage training ritual, says the newspaper.

Oliver Malkin, who returned to his Brittany home yesterday after two months with his father in Egypt, said he felt his real home was with his mother, the Sunday Times reports. The 12-year-old boy was abducted last November by his father, who was jailed on Friday for 18 months.

Police are to investigate a servicewoman's abortion, reports the Mail on Sunday. It says the 18-year-old Army medic, who is suing the Ministry of Defence over the termination of her pregnancy at Aldershot, is to make a formal complaint to police about advice from Army doctors.

The Sunday Express says the teachers' boycott of tests will crumble as the Government dismantles the national curriculum.