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MOST members of the clergy are reluctant to back an adulterer as head of the Church of England, two newspaper polls show.

The Sunday Times poll of 100 General Synod members reveals that 47 per cent think the Prince of Wales should not head the Church if adultery was proved.

The News of the World, in what it describes as a 'pulpit poll,' says only 38 per cent of the Anglican clergy think he would be fit for the role in those circumstances. However, 71 per cent of the 507 ministers questioned said the Prince should become king even if he divorced.

Photographs are to be included on driving licences, as the first step towards a national identity card scheme, says the Mail on Sunday.

The Observer reports that ministers have been taking large tax-free severance payments on leaving the Government, even when scandal forced them out or they resigned voluntarily.

Cannon and Ball, the comedy duo, have been hired by the BBC for a festive editor of Songs of Praise, as part of the battle for Christmas ratings, according to the Sunday Telegraph.

A friend of the Princess of Wales says she wants to marry again and have more children, the People claims. The Sunday Mirror reports that pounds 20m of taxpayer's money is to be spent on refurbishing Parliament.