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Trompe l'oeil has been around for as long as photography itself. Trick photography was the stock-in-trade of early cineastes, while fey Englishmen used it to put fairies at the bottom of the garden. Even Stalin realised the benefits of darkroom distortions when he took the decision to airbrush Trotsky from history. In his latest exhibition of prints "I'm as Australian as Ampol", artist Hou Leong follows in that tradition by digitally manipulating and distorting familiar images of Aussie national identity. Uncanny pictures of the Sydney Opera House afloat on the Li River (right) sit alongside snaps of Ayers Rock surrounded by the Great Wall of China.

As well as a displaced sense of geography, Leong's work shows a slightly meglomaniac tendency towards Forrest Gumpian shock tactics. Hence, in Autobiography, Leong appears alongside a string of famous types from Charles and Di (right), Chairman Mao and Marilyn Monroe, ambushing Western iconography and disturbing the visual hegemony of white Western culture with wit and humour.

Australian High Commission, Australia House, The Strand, London (0171-887 5297) to 25 May

Liese Spencer