Trust is challenged on hunting

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OPPONENTS of deer hunting are forcing the National Trust to reconsider its position on the sport, and whether to continue to allow it on its properties in the West Country, writes Oliver Gillie.

More than 1,000 members of the trust have signed a requisition calling on the Council of the Trust to call an extraordinary general meeting to consider its policy on blood sports.

The initiative comes from a vocal minority, which is determined to stop deer hunting on National Trust property in Exmoor and the Quantocks.

The policy of the trust's council is that the ethical and moral questions relating to field sports are a matter for Parliament to decide. This view was supported by members of the trust at the annual meeting last year.

The Council of the Trust now has 28 days to decide whether to call a meeting to discuss the subject. It has already been decided that it will be broached at October's annual general meeting.