Tube delay refunds: Can I claim compensation from TfL due to the strike?

Millions of commuters were affected by London Underground strike action

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Londoners endured the worst strike in more than a decade on Thursday with millions of commuters affected – but can you claim compensation for your journey?

Can I claim compensation for the strike?

Simple answer: no. Unfortunately, Transport for London is not offering any form of compensation as commuters were warned in advance of the impending strike.

TfL claims it will not refund for issues “outside our control,” including security alerts, customer incidents, or adverse weather conditions.

What is the general policy on compensation for the Tube?

Usually, if your service or journey is delayed by more than 15 minutes you can claim the costs of a single journey. TfL will give vouchers that can be redeemed against both single and season fares. 

On the Overground, your service must be delayed by more than 30 minutes to successfully claim for a refund.

How do I claim a refund?

You need to do it within 14 days of your journey. You must have an online Oyster account, irrespective of whether you travelled on a paper ticket, bank card or Oyster, as the form is online only.

Finally, if you have a paper ticket, remember to keep hold of it as you need the full card number on the card to claim a refund.

Anything else I should know?

Freedom pass holders and other similar free passes cannot claim compensation.