Tube strike latest: Watch timelapse of a bus stop during the height of rush hour

Without a tube station, the bus stop at High Street Kensington fills up pretty fast

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Londoners have been experiencing (or enduring) the largest tube strike in 13 years after four unions walked out for 24 hours leaving 11 underground lines and 270 stations closed.

Some have taken the problem quite well, deciding to walk to work and enjoy the summer sun and marvel at sights rarely seen to the normal underground travel dweller.

However, others without the luxury of being able to reach their office by foot have described the situation as “absolute carnage”.

Thousands have been flocking to bus stops to try and get on board one of the 200 extra buses which have taken to the streets today – with Victoria possibly being the busiest yet.

The queue at Victoria Bus Station was so long this morning it took a commuter two minutes just to walk to the end.

Here’s a timelapse video showing the comings and goings at the bus stop in High Street Kensington.