Tube strike weather: No rain and sunny spells forecast for action on London Underground

Members of four unions are downing tools on Thursday

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Getting ready to walk to work on Thursday during the latest Tube strike? The good news is at least it won’t be raining.

Commuters can expect a dry Thursday, with a low risk of rain and some blustery winds, according to the Met Office.

Four unions intend to strike for the second time in two months on Thursday, bringing travel chaos to the capital as London’s Underground shuts down from 6.30pm on Wednesday. During the last strike in July, hundreds of thousands of commuters walked or cycled into work as they attempted to avoid overcrowded buses and still-running trains.

"There will be some cloud around first thing, but this should break up with spells of sunshine in the afternoon and early evening,” Met Office spokesperson Nicola Maxey told The Independent.

Ms Maxey said Londoners would experience a “fairly dry day” as they trudged to and from their offices, with temperatures hovering in the low twenties.

There will be some strong gusts of wind sweeping through the capital, with speeds approaching up to 23mph. However, she emphasised that this would not be a sustained wind speed.


London commuters are bracing themselves for a repeat of last month, when the unions staged industrial action and closed down the entire London Underground. The day saw hundreds of thousands of people coming out onto the capital’s streets to walk, run or cycle to work.