Tube strikes 2014: How to make the best of it

We asked Independent staff how they made their commute feel quicker

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Tube drivers are set to go on strike for 48 hours from Tuesday, causing even more chaos on London’s groaning transport system.

Across a number of lines, commuters will be waylaid by infrequent trains, cancelled services and crammed carriages.

Some journey times will be doubled, and although over a hundred extra buses have been added to key routes to try and relieve overcrowding, this is likely to make roads even busier.

Although some of us will be cycling or even running to work, we asked Independent staff how to kill time in the most productive and entertaining way possible.

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Should you find yourself stuck in a traffic jam, these apps, puzzles and games should help you through what is possibly the worst thing about living in London: the crushed, mind-numbing commute.

The strike is a response to Government plans to revolutionise ticketing on the Underground. It will mean shutting many ticket offices, something the Mayor claims will bring positive transformation to the London transport network. You can read more about it here.


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