Two deaths linked to same batch of LSD

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A VERDICT of death from abuse of drugs was recorded yesterday on a man who had taken tabs of LSD on which the cartoon character Bart Simpson was depicted, writes Kathy Marks.

Timothy Murphy's death came 17 days after that of a teenager who had taken similar tabs, an inquest in Luton was told. Dr Patrick Toseland, a toxicologist at Guy's hospital, London, who submitted a report to the hearing, said afterwards that deaths related to the hallucinogenic drug LSD were extremely rare. 'I hadn't seen one for 23 years until these two this year,' he said.

Mr Murphy, 25, collapsed at his home after drinking heavily and taking 11 tabs. Dr Toseland said that alcohol could increase the risk of death from LSD.

An inquest last month was told that Denise Jones, 18, died in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, after swallowing similar tabs.