Two killed on visit to TT races

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TWO POLICE sergeants died at the weekend after being struck by a motorcycle on the Isle of Man while visiting the TT races.

Sgt Kevin Butterworth, 37, of Staffordshire Police, was killed with Sgt John Crowe, 59, who was with the Metropolitan Police, on Sunday.

Staffordshire Police said: 'The accident occurred on a part of the TT circuit near Curragh's Wildlife Park. Both men were on a motorcycle and had stopped to look at a roadside memorial. As they were on their way back they were struck by another motorcycle.'

Sgt Butterworth lived at Stone, near Stafford, and served at Rugeley.

Sgt Crowe, 59, from Wallington, Surrey, who had been in the force for 39 years, was from the Isle of Man and intended to return there after his retirement next January.