This was the moment a brawl erupted between two 'Uber drivers' and a passenger in the middle of a road in Islington, London on Wednesday.

According to reports, the fight between the two parties began when another minicab, a Prius alleged to be an Uber according to the filmer, clipped the wing mirror of another Uber, a BMW. Both drivers got out of the cars and began to remonstrate in the street.

Suddenly, the video cuts and shows a new, well-dressed man fighting one of the drivers. The man who filmed the incident alleges that the well-dressed man was the passenger in the Prius who got out and began to fight with the BMW driver.

The man who filmed the incident, Seb Bench, wrote online, "From left to right - passenger of other Uber - his driver - my driver! Over a wing mirror!" - adding "it was a 1 star trip!"

After posting the video online, minicab app Uber and Transport for London taxi and private hire officials contacted Mr Bench to investigate the incident. No police report is said to have been made.

A spokesperson from Uber read: "Uber has a zero tolerance policy to violence from both riders and drivers on the platform and we have reached out to those involved to get more information. With all incidents of a serious nature, it’s our policy to suspend all parties from the platform while we investigate."