UK ovens 'dirtiest in Europe'

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BRITISH women have the dirtiest ovens in western Europe, a survey of 5,000 women for Tupperware has revealed, writes Alex Renton.

In Germany, 39 per cent of women clean their ovens immediately after use, while half of British women leave the job a month or more.

British women are also the most likely to use a microwave, with 30 per cent using one.

But the survey reveals that British women do more of the cooking than women in Germany, France, Italy or Spain. Across the countries 70 per cent are 'mainly responsible' for cooking in their household. The proportion is highest in Britain, at 75 per cent, and lowest in Spain at 61 per cent.

However, the British are eating more 'international cuisine' than five years ago. Hungarian goulash, boeuf bourguignon and sweet and sour turkey salad are given as examples by respondents.