UK solar eclipse 2015: Watch live stream

The partial solar eclipse will be visible to Britons around 9am this morning

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Many Britons may be disappointed as they attempt to watch the partial solar eclipse this morning: cloudy conditions cover the United Kingdom, meaning even the most well-prepared sun-gazers may be left clutching at...pinholes.

However, this live stream from the Virtual Telescope Project should help those unable to see the partial solar eclipse, as well as individuals too lazy to start watching around 8am.

Watch live from Nottingham

Technically, the eclipse starts at 07:41 UTC and ends at 11:50 UTC. However, the eclipse will peak (should be up to 90 per cent coverage in the UK) at around 9.30am before the sun returns to normal by 11am.

Of course, thick British clouds could overshadow one of the greatest displays in nature.

If they don't mess up the view, then the most northern Scots will see up to 98 per cent of the sun obscured by the moon, weather permitting, while in London the eclipse will peak at about 85 per cent.