UK weather: Met Office issues warning ahead of rain, thunderstorms... and top temperatures of 24C

Volatile weather expected on Saturday, including possibility to localised flooding due to heavy rainfall

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Rain and thunderstorms are due to hit England, Wales and the southern regions of Scotland this Saturday, with the Met Office issuing a yellow warning.

Warm, humid air rising from France this Friday is expected to trigger intense rain and thunderstorms on the weekend, with the localised flooding a possibility.

Met Office Chief Forecaster Frank Saunders said: “The public should be aware of the potential for localised flooding due to the intensity of these storms, although at this stage the location of the heaviest rainfall is uncertain.”

The weather in the south of England will be something akin to a tropical storm, with the muggy climate expected to hit 24 degrees.

This forecast reaffirms what Dan Williams of the Met Office said at the beginning of the month: expect “typical British summer weather.”

Rainy summers, a mainstay of life in the UK, will continue for the next century, according to research by the Met Office and Newcastle University.

Researchers claim that wet summers will become more intense and frequent, potentially causing devastating flash floods, before drying out around the year 2100.

Professor Hayley Fowler, from Newcastle University's School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, said: "We need to understand about possible changes to summer and winter rainfall so we can make informed decisions about how to manage these very different flooding risks in the future."