Ukip supporter defends party against claims of racism on LBC radio: 'My daughter has a Chinese friend'

The caller then went on to use a racist term for Asian people

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A Ukip supporter attempted to defend the party against allegations of homophobia and racism on the radio – before using an offensive term to describe a Chinese person live on air.

The caller, identified only as David in Basildon, called LBC in response to the question ‘Are Ukippers racist?’, following the resignation of party candidate Kerry Smith.

David, who said he joined the party four years ago, said the incident had been taken out of proportion and was not indicative of the overall attitude of Ukip’s members.

“I am not a racist, I am not homophobic,” he said.

“I have people who are gay as friends. My eldest daughter also has a Chinese friend.”

In recordings of phone calls heard by the Mail on Sunday Smith, the prospective MP for South Basildon and East Thurrock, was said to have mocked gay party members as “disgusting p*****rs”, referred to a woman with a Chinese name as a “C****y bird” and joked about shooting people from Chigwell in a “peasant hunt”.

However, David appeared to suggest that because the comments were made two years ago they were no longer relevant.

Presenter Nick Ferrari asked David if he had been using the offensive term to describe homosexuals two years ago. David replied that he had not and was then asked whether he had used the racist term for Asians.

“What, being c****y?” he said, before asking if he would be criticised for using the word “yank” to describe an American  or “jap” to describe a Japanese person.

Ferrari replied: “It is nothing like the same. You know it is derogatory. ”


David then went on to defend Smith by saying he was under a lot of stress and taking a high dosage of pain relief when he made the remarks.  

He said Smith was an “outspoken” person who wanted to get rid of the EU and “all the rubbish that they put on this country”.