UN 'will defend town'

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ZAGREB (Reuter) - United Nations peace-keeping troops will use force to defend the demilitarised Srebrenica against Serbian attack, the commander of the UN Protection Force in the former Yugoslavia, Lieutenant-General Lars-Eric Wahlgren, said yesterday.

Thousands of refugees have fled to the town, which the UN has declared a 'safe area'. The general said at his Zagreb headquarters: 'There is a principle in the United Nations: show force, so much force that you don't have to use it.'

The general added that a 150- strong Canadian contingent posted around the perimeter of the 2.5 miles by 1 mile zone had sufficient arms.

Meanwhile, the United States has reassured Britain and France that it has yet to decide whether military steps should be taken to curb Serbian aggression. Both London and Paris have reservations about two options being considered in Washington - arming the Muslims or launching air strikes against Serbian installations.

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