Vasectomy patient minded to be a 'cut above the rest'

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MORE THAN 50,000 men have had their vasa deferentia sealed or cut by the Marie Stopes organisation, all under local anaesthetic, writes Stephen Ward.

Andy Bryant, 36, a Surrey baldness consultant, has elected to do without when he has a vasectomy tomorrow. He claims to be able to use his subconscious to stop the blood flow to any part of his body, and for the four minutes while the surgeon is at work on his scrotum, he will direct his mental powers in the same direction.

The patient, who has already had an operation on a toe without anaesthetic, plans to come straight out of theatre to demonstrate that he has none of the excruciating post-operative pain and swollen private parts that can be associated with a vasectomy.

Why does a man who can stop the flow of any part of his body need a vasectomy? The answer, apparently, is he needs to concentrate completely, and during sexual intercourse that would rather defeat the object.