Video shows arrested driver so drunk he cannot stand

He still thought it was a good idea to drive

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Shocking video from Sussex Police shows a driver - who was arrested after crashing his car - so drunk that he could not even stand when he was in custody.

The video shows how drunk some people get and still think they are fit to get behind the wheel.

A member of the public spotted the suspect, Robert Hutchinson, driving erratically on the A281 near Horsham in his Nissan Almera in the late afternoon on 30 January.

While the witness was on the phone, Hutchinson lost control, veered off the road and crashed straight into a Ford Ka. The 42-year-old woman in the vehicle suffered slight injuries while Hutchinson himself was unhurt.

Police arrived at the scene with Hutchinson still seated in his Nissan, which had ended up in the bushes following the head-on collision.

Hutchinson was arrested and taken to a police station in Worthing. CCTV footage from the custody centre shows the extent of Hutchinson's drunkenness: he is seen falling off his chair and into a wall as he waits to be breathalysed.


Hutchinson is seen slumped up against wall on the floor, with the officer on hand having to help him to his feet and stop him from falling down once more.

He had 169 microgrammes of alcohol per 100 millilitres of his breath. The legal limit is 35 microgrammes. He was nearly five times over the limit.

Chief Inspector Phil Nicholas, from Surrey and Sussex police, said: "The footage shows just how drunk Hutchinson was, yet he thought that it was acceptable for him to drive in that condition."

Hutchinson, 59, admitted to police that he had been drinking for several hours at home when he decided to go shopping for food. He also did not have a driving licence having already served a ban for drink-driving a few years before.

Hutchinson pleaded guilty to drink-driving, driving without a licence and driving without insurance. He has been banned from driving for five years, received an 18-week suspended prison sentence along with 300 hours of community service.

In 2012, 230 out of 1,754 road deaths were caused by drink-driving, with 48,661 people convicted of the offence.