Want to run a pub for the day? Just make a bid on eBay

Video: The Somers Town Coffee House in London is offering a budding publican the chance to be a landlord for the day

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Ever wanted to follow in the footsteps of Sam Malone in Cheers, Peggy Mitchell in Eastenders or even Moe Szyslak from The Simpsons?

Well, your dream could become reality by Sunday as The Somers Town Coffee House in London is auctioning off the chance to be landlord for the day on eBay.

Anthony Pender, the director of Yummy Pubs that runs the establishment, said that the winning bidder will also get a £100 tab on the day that they work.

"The winning bidder will get help and guidance from us of course," he told London Live. "They're going to be working with the staff for the day, and they're going to make sure the customers are looked after, have good fun, going to make sure they get to try everything in the pub, from working in the kitchen to pouring that classical pint, making a coffee, making cocktails in the basement."

He added, "It's going to be an eye opener. We'll see at the end of it they want to do a career in pubs or if they want to stick to the day job."

The auction is for a good cause - to raise money for two young twins suffering from the neurodegenerative disease Batten, Freddie and Louie Dawkins.

Their father, Andrews, told London Live, "The research is going to help prolong their life. At further stages down the line, it's going to sort of make their life comfortable, but obviously for kids in the future it's going to cure them."

The family are aiming to raise £50,000 and have raised over £40,000 so far.

All bidders to run the pub for the day must - of course - be over 18.

To bid to run a pub for the day, click here.