Tube strike: Archive footage shows how London commuters coped in 1962

Skating to work or hitching a lift in a car boot - coping with the tube strike in 1962 meant coming up with more inventive modes of transport

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With Londoners across the capital currently spontaneously combusting out of sheer annoyance at the Tube strikes, it's worth reminding ourselves that these slight disruptions to our day have a storied tradition.

As the below archive footage from British Pathé shows, commuters have been dealing with similar strikes since at least 1962 - although it seems that without the pressure valve of Twitter to fill up time spent in a queue Londoners instead turned their minds to alternative forms of transport.

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The film shows that while some tried their hands at roller skates, others decided to car-share - with seven people packed into a convertible including two "second-class passengers" stowed in the boot.

One 'gent' is even seen setting off to work dressed in the 60s equivalent of sports wear - a white vest and a pair of boxers. And although the bowler hat is a bit of a giveaway that the footage is more than a couple of years old, the gentleman's fixed stare at his newspaper is oddly familiar to anyone who's collided with a smartphone zombie.