Watch: Police win game of hide-and-seek with thief

Video: When playing a game of hide-and-seek, it's obvious you'll lose against the guy with the helicopter

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A simple rule with hide-and-seek is: never play it when the game isn't a level playing field.

Therefore, never play hide-and-seek when being chased by a police helicopter.

Video from West Midlands police shows the moment a runaway teenager criminal hid behind some parked cars as he attempted to avoid being caught by two officers.

Unfortunately, he failed to realise that police not only had a helicopter but heat-seeking cameras that could easily keep track of him even if he did find the best hiding place available.

The chase happened after police were called to reports of a crime in Selly Oak back in September. When police arrived, two 15-year-olds were detained but the third ran off.

Officers in the then directed the officers on the ground to the third teenager's location and he was swiftly arrested.

Game over.

All three were charged and pleaded guilty at court. They were handed referral orders to Youth Offending Teams.

Video courtesy of West Midlands Police.