Weather forecaster threatened

(First Edition)

THE ANCIENT Greeks reacted to bad news by killing the messenger: the modern Briton deals with bad weather by threatening the forecaster, writes Alex Renton.

Bill Foggitt, the folk weatherman of the North Yorkshire moors, is seeking protection from the police as his public turn nasty in reaction to a cold and wet July and August.

Mr Foggitt, 80, has experienced a worsening cold front of unpleasant and menacing telephone calls in recent days, culminating in a 'torrent of abuse' with last Friday's torrential rain in the North.

'It was so bad I asked the police to keep an eye on me,' he said. 'I felt I needed their protection. The trouble is that the British take the weather far too seriously. They are obsessed with it.'

He is unsure why people should hold him personally responsible for bad weather but admits his forecasts this year have not been quite up to scratch. Signs from the natural world have been frustrating and confusing. is not giving up. There has been an increase in moth and bat numbers this summer, and he predicts a heatwave.

Last night, rain clouds were again gathering over North Yorkshire.