What did a mass face-sitting outside Parliament look like?

We headed down to find out

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Protesters descended on Parliament today to protest the recent changes to pornography laws by heartily plunging their vulva onto the face of a willing partner.

All were clothed, so the mass face-sitting didn't prove as titillating as the seedy Dutch TV hosts in attendance were hoping, but it was an unprecedented form of demonstration nonetheless.

We headed down to Westminster to check it out, here's a few things we saw:

This man thoroughly exhausted from half an hour's face-sitting.

(All photos: Christopher Hooton)

These guys with spectacular multi-coloured labia hats.


Aforementioned Dutch host asking a protester to penetrate herself with his microphone.

Girl: "Oh God, I'm going to be in the Daily Mail for this."


Flyers being handed out for either porn or electric guitar FX pedals I'm not sure which.


A couple of solid speeches about censorship.

"This isn't really about pornography, porn is an excuse to censor free speech. People shouldn't get too hung up about this sex act or that sex act being banned - they'll block them one at a time - what this is about is creating the mechanism for internet censorship. We need to stand up and fight for free speech. It's a job not just for kinksters and the porn industry, the public needs to become aware too."

- Jerry Barnett, Sex & Censorship.


Perhaps the first ever 'face-sitting' selfie.


The use of memes at a protest. 2014, everyone.



This lady who extolled the virtues of the mass face-sitting to camera crews, but then said she wouldn't be taking part as she has a boyfriend.

Someone with a ball gag being very gently whipped on a park bench.


Media outnumbering protesters about four-to-one.


A 'bondage Carmen Sandiego' outfit.


A man dressed as a wolf for no reason.


Lots and lots and lots of simulated cunnilingus.