What Does He Earn?: Mike Walker

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No 12: Mike Walker, manager of Everton FC, having moved there from Norwich City on Friday.

Age: 48

Salary: pounds 150,000 plus expenses, compared with pounds 45,000 at Norwich and the pounds 25,000 he was earning less than two years ago when he was the Norwich reserve team coach. Numerous bonuses on offer depending how Everton fare - where they finish in the Premiership table (currently 16th out of 22), how far they get in the FA Cup (, and whether they qualify for Europe - highly unlikely via the Premiership, but possible via the Cup. Potential bonus earnings of pounds 100,000. Has neither the stature nor the image to strike advertising deals yet, but the potential is there.

Perks: Top-class hotel accommodation in the Liverpool area until he finds a new home, and no particular time pressure to do so. Assistance from club over home loan. pounds 30,000-plus car. As many match tickets for friends and family as he might reasonably want.

Family: Married with three children, only one of whom, 15-year-old David, is still at school.

Hobbies: Claims to have very few - not enough time to do anything but watch football. Occasional theatre-goer in Norwich. A good seat awaits him at the Liverpool Playhouse.

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