What it’s like to fly across Wembley Stadium on a zip wire

Incredible aerial perspective now available to the public for the next three weeks
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Walking out onto the fabled pitch at Wembley Stadium is a distant dream for every sports fan, but for the next three weeks, fans can get a different view of the hallowed turf – from above.

A new zip wire experience gives the public - from all the wannabe Lionel Messi’s to those with two-left feet – the opportunity to fly over one of the most iconic pitches in the world.

Scared of heights – nay bother, The Independent braved the 30 metre drop and 25 miles per hour speeds.

What is it like to fly over the pitch at Wembley? Watch below.

It’s here for the next three weeks as Wembley takes a break from any sporting action until the Rugby League Challenge Final.

The experience breaks down into three parts – a stadium tour where you’ll be shown all the must-see areas like the dressing room and Royal Box; then you’ll plunge down the zip wire; before a final stop at the exhibition where you’ll be able to view some of Wembley’s most historic moments.

The zip-wire flight only lasts fifteen seconds so unless you’re a major fan or thrill seeker, there’s not much value to be had here: a child’s ticket costs £39 and an adult ticket will set you back £49.