What They thought: 'I wouldn't drink this even if I were drunk'

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WE ASKED six members of the public to sample four wines. Two been given the 'Australian treatment'; the others were traditional styles. The 'Australians' were more popular, although the words 'revolting' and 'urgh' were much in use.

The Gyongyos Estate Chardonnay ( pounds 3.35), a Hungarian wine made by an Englishman and a team of Australians, was described as 'inoffensive and drinkable' by David Knights and 'smooth with some vanilla' by William Lyth. Its Bulgarian rival, Khan Krum Chardonnay ( pounds 2.99), was 'bloody disgusting - 0 out of 10', according to Sue Sturton. 'I wouldn't drink this even if I were drunk' was another comment.

The Chais Baumiere ( pounds 3.99) Cabernet Sauvignon, Vin de Pays D'Oc, by the Australian Hardy Wine Company, was given '10 out of 10 for flavour' by Andrew Girvani.

Its opposite number, Sainsbury's Medoc ( pounds 3.95), was 'weak', 'thin', and 'watery' to most of the panel. But Lianne Belton said: 'I think it's great - I like all red wines.'

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