White-faced baby saki monkey is Chester Zoo's latest resident

Video: The new born is said to be doing well by zoo keepers

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Chester Zoo have revealed their newest inhabitant: a six-week old white-faced saki monkey.

The baby can be seen hitching a ride with its mum, Tabiti, who was described by keepers as a "great mum" while the new born's dad, Kwinti, is seen as very "protective".

Keepers said the baby was doing well.

The white-faced saki monkey is native to Brazil, French Guiana, Guyana, Suriname, Venezuela and Bolivia, living in trees in moist lowlands, rainforests and swamp forests.

While males have black fur with a contrasting white face, the females are flecked brown with a narrow white stripe on their face.

The new saki monkey was born on September 2 and it is too early to tell the baby's sex, hence Chester Zoo have not yet named the child of Tabiti and Kwinti.

Video courtesy of Chester Zoo.