Wigan win again as an era in rugby comes to an end

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Wigan players celebrating their victory over St Helens yesterday, a win that secured rugby league's Championship title. Wigan's triumph marks the end of 100 years of sporting history, as the game will be revolutionised next year to meet Rupert Murdoch's television needs. Clubs with histories dating back to the formation of the sport will join newly created teams to play in a new league in the summer. Rugby union may also be changed radically by Murdoch's plans, with many expecting it to go professional following next month's World Cup. There will be a truncated rugby league season in England in 1996, but Wigan's victory yesterday established them as champions of the last full season under the old regime. The sport's reward for agreeing to such wholesale changes is a £77m deal, but there are growing signs of dissaffection among its rank and file.

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