Woman in Abbie case 'feigned pregnancy'

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THE WOMAN accused of abducting the new-born baby Abbie Humphries had used a premeditated and elaborate plan to convince her boyfriend she was pregnant, a court was told yesterday.

After feigning the later stages of pregnancy, Julie Kelley, 22, was so desperate within her 'web of deceit' that she had to find a baby, Russell King, for the prosecution, claimed.

After hearing that the Crown no longer objected to bail, Kelley, a former dental nurse, was released from custody after agreeing to strict conditions imposed by Nottingham magistrates' court.

She must reside at a secret location outside Nottingham; she must not enter the city or go to the Queen's Medical Centre from where Abbie was taken five weeks ago.

She must not have any contact with the infant or her parents, Karen and Roger Humphries, to whom Abbie was returned safely 15 days later.

Kelley, of Wollaton, Nottingham, must also stay away from her former boyfriend, Leigh Gilbert, who could be a prosecution witness at a subsequent Crown Court trial.

Mervyn Harris, the stipendiary magistrate, said that reporting restrictions were not in force.