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`The commission believes that to complete its mandate by 22 May, decommissioning must start as soon as possible'

The de Chastelain report

"A neutral... document by de Chastelain is unable to report ... that people are committed to [the Agreement]'

Ken Maginnis, UUP

`The IRA committing itself to decommissioning would help the chances of a resolution of the outstanding issues'

Gary McMichael, UDP

"There must not be an imposed parade"

Breandan MacCionnaith, Garvaghy Road residents' spokesman

"A tenth of these resources could have been used to stop IRA murders and bombings"

David Jones, Portadown District Lodge spokesman

"Just look - the jeeps, the barbed wire, the medical tents. You'd think they're preparing for war."

Resident, Drumcree