UN commander to quit because of death threats

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GENERAL Lewis MacKenzie, Canadian commander of the UN force in Sarajevo, has asked to be relieved of his duties as soon as possible because of death threats, writes Annika Savill.

A Canadian diplomat said it was feared that 'the threats were a transmittable danger to his troops', especially given the unusual situation of having peace-keeping troops of the same nationality as their commander.

General MacKenzie's policy of keeping in touch with all sides has earned him enemies: after one of his officers approved the use of a UN armoured vehicle to transport a Serbian leader, the force was derided as a 'terrorist taxi service'. A letter in a Croatian newspaper called him a 'war criminal'.

The general, who has served in in Gaza, Cyprus, Egypt, Vietnam and Central America in a 31-year career, has called Sarajevo 'the most complex situation I've ever encountered by a factor of 10'.