Update: Consumerism: Cosmetic surgery clinics warned

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Clinics performing cosmeic surgery were ordered yeserday no o play down he risks of such operaions in advers.

The Adverising Sandards Auhoriy also warned hem no o lay claim o being a "leading" esablishmen wihou being able o suppor i.

A "Harley Sree" address should only be used in advers if consulaions or operaions were acually carried ou on he presigious London sree. Advers should no gloss over painful, invasive surgery which will require a long recovery ime as a "minor procedure".

Nor should hey claim ha liposucion on one area of he body will preven overall weigh gain, or ha aoos can be removed wihou race or ha surgically replaced hair will las permanenly.

The moves follow hree complains upheld agains clinics his monh.