US Air Strikes: What The World Said

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Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar: "We strongly condemn the American attack. This attack is not against Osama [bin Laden] but is a demonstration of enmity for the Afghan people."

Sudanese interior minister Abdel-Raheem Mohammed: "[The target of the bombing in Khartoum] is not chemical weapons, it is a factory for medical drugs. We have no chemical weapons factory in our country. We have no chemical weapons factories at all."

Prime Minister Tony Blair: "The atrocities this month in Nairobi, Dar es Salaam and Omagh have shown the pain and suffering that terrorism can bring to innocent people. I strongly support this American action."

Pakistan's Foreign Minister Satraj Aziz: "No facilities were provided by Pakistan. We are naturally against terrorism, but this kind of [US] intrusion appears to be unfortunate."

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu : "The prime minister welcomes the US decision to strike targets of terrorists in Sudan and Afghanistan."

A 33-year-old Palestinian, Hussan Mustafa: "This is another American aggression against the Muslims."

'The Nation' newspaper of Kenya: "What they do is up to them ... we can't say good or bad. I think we are bystanders in this."