Veronica Guerin: A declaration from British and Irish editors

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restaurantA declaration from British and Irish editors

Veronica Guerin was murdered for being a journalist. She was a brave and brilliant reporter who was gunned down for being too tenacious in her investigations of organised crime in Ireland.

We view this assassination as a fundamental attack on the free press which is essential to the democratic process. Journalists will not be intimidated. We hereby commit our news organisations to continue the investigation of the stories which cost Veronica Guerin her life.

Conor Brady, editor, Irish Times; Peter Murtagh, editor, the Sunday Tribune; Charles Moore, editor, Daily Telegraph; Andrew Marr, editor, the Independent; Peter Wilby, editor, Independent on Sunday; Paul Dacre, editor, Daily Mail; Alan Rusbridger, editor, the Guardian; Peter Stothard, editor, the Times; Will Hutton, editor, the Observer; John Witherow, editor, Sunday Times; Tom Collins, editor, the Irish News; Aengus Fanning, editor, the Sunday Independent; Vincent Doyle, editor, the Irish Independent; Gerry O'Regan, editor, the Star; Brian Looney, editor, the Examiner; Damien Kiberd, editor, the Sunday Business Post; Colm McGinty, editor, the Sunday World; Martin Lindsay, editor, Sunday Life; Joe Mulholland, director of news. RTE; Geoff Martin, editor, News Letter, Belfast.