Video shows shark towing man along Florida coast for two hours

The man dips his camera in the water to reveal the 11 foot shark

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Incredible footage has emerged depicting the moment a hammerhead shark bit a fisherman’s line and dragged him up the Atlantic coast of the US state of Florida for two hours.

During the five minutes of footage titled Lone Man Gets Towed for Miles in Kayak by 11 Foot Hammerhead Shark, 22-year-old college student Adam Fisk pants as his line dips sharply into the water and he speeds along in a red kayak.

Around 3 minutes 45 seconds into the video filmed with a head-mounted camera, Fisk dips his camera into the water and reveals the enormous, swaying creature that is pulling him. 

"Shark turned out to be about 11 feet," Fisk wrote on the video's LiveLeak description. "It charged me a few times when I had the camera off."

"Another hammerhead chased me for 10 minutes straight after I let the first one go," he added.

The shark eventually released Fisk, by which point he had travelled  past two cities, Yahoo News reported.

Fisk is part of Team Rebel, a group of anglers who promote CPR shark fishing, an acronym that stands for catch, photograph, and release, according to the news website.