Violent veteran runs over widow

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A WAR veteran aged 82 who ran down a pensioner with his invalid carriage was ordered to pay her pounds 1,500 compensation yesterday. John Jeeves was also fined pounds 400 and ordered to pay pounds 60 in costs.

Bridlington magistrates' court was told that on 9 June, Jeeves, a convicted murderer, deliberately hit Annie Gledhill with his vehicle before shouting an obscenity and telling her to get out of the way.

Mrs Gledhill, 70, a widow from Bradford, West Yorkshire, was on holiday in Bridlington and was walking through a market with friends when she was hit.

Jeeves, of Remembrance Court, Bridlington, was convicted of murdering his one-year-old niece in 1950 and served 19 years in Broadmoor.

Jeeves pleaded guilty to committing grievous bodily harm against Mrs Gledhill, who suffered a broken ankle, cuts and bruises.

Passing sentence, the chairman of the bench, Philip Watkin, said that the offence was very serious and that Jeeves could have been given a prison sentence.

"However, I have already indicated that we are going to concentrate mainly on money," he said. "You have a persistent record of public order offences and just to keep it in your mind you will be given a conditional discharge for two years."

The court was told that after hitting Mrs Gledhill, Jeeves tried to drive over her.

William Thorp, for the prosecution, said: "Members of the public tried to intervene, but he tried to beat them off with his walking stick. He tried to drive off but was detained by two men, and then a police officer arrived."

Mr Thorp said that Jeeves still tried to escape and the officer had to put his boot under the rear wheel of the car to stop him from driving off.

Jeeves declined to comment on the case as he left the court.