Voting For A New Britain: Campaigns Briefing 5 Days to Go

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TONY BLAIR attacked Plaid Cymru on a flying visit to Cardiff, telling businessmen that the nationalists "would tear up the inward investment policy and leave Wales fighting for investment with one hand tied behind its back. They would send out a signal to potential investors and employers all round the world: `Not Welcome in Wales'."

BANNER HEADLINE in yesterday's Western Mail: "Gentlemen: What is dull, boring and grey? Your campaigns. What are you going to do about it?" It ran under pictures of the four guilty party leaders. It commented forlornly: "Maybe, just maybe, a grey election is the signal towards a brighter Wales. We can but hope."

LIBERAL DEMOCRAT MP Archy Kirkwood said 1,600 elderly patients were forced to stay in Scottish hospitals because "Labour red tape" stopped them getting places in residential homes.