Walker killed by lightning strike

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Walker killed by lightning strike

A young man was killed by lightning as he and his girlfriend took a stroll at a cliff-top beauty spot.

Stewart Ibbetson, 22, of Horsforth, Leeds, died instantly when a violent storm erupted. Julia Wright, his 24-year-old girlfriend, was blown off her feet and suffered burns to her face and legs.

The couple tried to dodge the showers during a day out at Flamborough Head, near Bridlington, East Yorkshire, but had nowhere to shelter when the storm struck on Sunday night.

A large crowd of walkers on the cliff-top, between the lighthouse and a fog signalling station, went to the couple's aid, but were unable to help.

The Humberside Police helicopter was called in to airlift Miss Wright to Hull Royal Infirmary. She was transferred to the Kingston General Hospital, Hull and was said to be in a "comfortable" condition yesterday.

Chief Insp Colin Fleming of Humberside Police said: "This was a tragic event. They could not have known that the weather was going to change so quickly.

"The area they were walking in is extremely exposed on the cliff-top. It had been overcast all day and suddenly a violent storm broke out for a short period.

"The area is very popular with day visitors and a large crowd began to gather very quickly. But there was nothing anyone could do.