War In Europe: Charity Update - Generous readers donate pounds 625,000

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THE BIBLICAL flood of refugees from Kosovo continues although their condition is dire and aid agencies fear this will worsen.

The generous readers of The Independent and Independent on Sunday have given pounds 625,000, which has helped buy food, blankets, hygiene kits, water purification equipment and 120,000 baby kits.

The kits go to poor communities in Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania which have taken thousands of refugees into their homes. In northern Albania, their human decency is repaid in cross-border Serb attacks.

The Disasters Emergency Committee is organising a co-ordinated response to ensure your money quickly helps those in most need.

To make a donation: Please send a cheque or postal order, payable to KOSOVO APPEAL, to:

Independent Kosovo Appeal, Disasters Emergency Committee, PO Box 2710, London W1A 5AD (Please do not send cash in the post). Or you can call 0990 22 22 33 to make a credit card donation.