War In The Balkans

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"Germany believes that sending in ground troops is unthinkable. This is our position and it won't change in the future"

Gerhard Schroder,

German Chancellor

"When I see these children I know why we are taking this action. They are the future of Kosovo"

Tony Blair at a refugee camp in Elbasan, Albania

"[Milosevic] thinks that if he waits long enough Bill Clinton, Boris Yeltsin and Tony Blair will make peace with him"

Zoran Djindjic

Serbian opposition leader

"The air war has accomplished quite a bit and there is a lot more it can accomplish. I am convinced we will achieve our objectives one way or the other"

President Bill Clinton

"This war must end. Nato bombing has resulted in the greatest human catastrophe since the end of World War Two"

Zhu Bangzao, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman

"I expect a development but an end to infringements - an end to bombing people - is part of the solution to the most important question [of securing peace]"

Viktor Chernomyrdin